About Me

My name is Alex and I am a computer science Ph.D. student at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. My research interests lie in peer-to-peer systems and online participation. Further interest is sparked by electronic elections, crypto-currency and anything worth tinkering. In my spare time I am a huge e-Sports enthusiast and like to follow and play competitive games. My main vice at the moment is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I also like to lift weights to compensate for my sedentary lifestyle. Check out my contact information or my presence on other sites at the side. If you want more information about me you can read my short CV.


You can find all projects in one place at the projects page. Usually I code in python or Clojure.
My current favorite is a fun little game of viking chess, called Hnefatafl. I implemented it in Clojure and you can get it right here - try it out if youre interested.


All my research can be found on the research page.
I am especially fond of my work on remote electronic voting. In the paper Tor is Not Enough, my colleagues and I show that even with the use of low-latency anonymity networks like Tor electronic remote voting systems are not safe to use.