Short CV

Alexander Schneider was born 1990 in a small village in Kazakhstan. As his family had its roots in Germany they relocated 1998 to Germany.

Alexander started studying computer science at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf in 2010. In 2013 he finished his Bachelor's degree followed by the Master's degree in 2015.

Since August 2015 Alexander works as a doctorate student in the field of online participation and peer-to-peer systems under his adviser Prof. Mauve in Düsseldorf.


Alexander likes to learn new things and is thus interested in a lot of different activities. Since his childhood he is interested in computer gaming, especially if there is some competition to be had. The current favourite competitive game is 5vs5 Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Programming, especially functional programming, is another passion of Alexander. His favourite programming languages are Python and Clojure.

Music is a very important part of his day to day routines. Besides the casual music sessions he likes to collect his favourite music pieces on Vinyl. Especially rare underground german HipHop can get him very excited.