Here you can find current and past projects of mine. Beware: not all may be completed - lookout for the descriptions.

Clojure Hnefatafl (Fetlar Edition)

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Status: Finished / Not in Development
Github Repository

This project is a Clojure implementation of the Fetlar Hnefatafl game (Viking Chess). For the official Fetlar rules check out this official Rulebook A fun little few hours I spent playing with clojure. Playable in the terminal or through a cute little UI.


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Status: Finished / Educational
Github Repository

Written in Clojure, Agar is a petri net simulator. Agar features a (very ugly) swing GUI and can handle all types of common petri nets. Since this was a class asignment while learning clojure it is not under active development anymore. Feel free to fork an play around with.

PyDYN - Python Dependencies You Need

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Status: Experimental
Github Repository

PyDYN is a dependency resolver written in python using linear equations solvers under the hood. This project was my first dip into python so the code is probably not the prettiest. Nontheless, if you are interested in resolving dependency problems in python you can play around with the source.